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Wallpaper is Back! February 26, 2009

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Wallcovering is making a comeback – do you believe it?  We’ve been hearing it for years, but it takes awhile to catch up in the midwest.  Now, wait a minute – even those of you who have sworn off wallpaper in the past will be pleased with the new generation of papers.  These are easy to strip when you want a change!  Even better, hire an installer, which makes changing patterns even easier.  I love using commercial-grade wallcovering in homes.  Not only do you get iron-like durability (great for high-traffic areas like mudrooms, kitchens and kid’s bathrooms), you fan find patterns that are hard to find in residential papers.  Check out some of the gorgeous patterns at these websites:

All of these wallcoverings are available through House Calls – you can have us install or do it yourself.  The 54″ width on many of these make it a do-it-yourself challenge, but also eliminates half the seams.  I think you will like the new look of wallcovering!


Fabulous Fabrics February 24, 2009

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Did you know that you can find fantastic designer fabrics online, and purchase just that fabric from your designer?  It isn’t necessary to have a design consultation, if you know what you want.  And, it isn’t necessary to purchase custom bedding and window treatments from your designer, if you are handy with a sewing machine!  If you find a fabric you like at a “trade-only” website, contact us for pricing today – we can have fabrics shipped directly to you.  Often, we can also offer swatches at no charge, so you can make sure the fabric you like online is one you will like in your home.  No hassle, no design fee.  Think of the possibilities – reupholstery, drapes, valances, cornices, bedding, pillows, even quilts!  Have fun browsing – you never know what you may find!


Spring Preview Time!

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Although we are all begging for spring, we do have a little more time to wait.  Not so for the Spring Preview home tour sponsored by the Builders Association of the Twin Cities!  This year’s tour begins on Saturday, February 28, and continues through March 22.  During the tour, you can view hundreds of homes in all price ranges throughout the Twin Cities area and in Western Wisconsin.  For more information on where to find a guidebook, tour times and locations, visit  Or, to find out about where you can view House Calls Fine Interiors’ work, visit the Landsted, LLC website for home locations and directions:  The Engelwood model home will be featured on the tour this spring.  This rustic lodge-style home is nestled in the woods of the Indigo Ponds development, just east of Hudson, WI.  It is available for purchase at a reduced price during the parade – your lucky day!  The home features custom tilework, a bonus room suite, sauna and more, along with original artwork by local artist (and Landsted employee) Jean Delao.  If you are interested in purchasing any of the artwork or furnishings you see at the model home, please contact House Calls.  Enjoy the tour!


The Art of DeLao

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Our very own artist-in-residence (or, artist-in-work, maybe) has her very own website!  Jean DeLao is the controller and bean counter for House Calls and our sister company, Landsted, LLC.  In her spare time, she creates beautiful artwork in pastel.  You can view it at and purchase by contacting House Calls Fine Interiors.  You can also see some of her works in person during the Spring Preview home tour beginning February 28!   Drop us a line to let us know what you think, or comment here.  She would love to hear from you!


Color Psychology

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Check out this website I just found –  Color has meaning to us, and those meanings differ in different cultures, regions and social circles.  What color does the word “rustic” bring to mind for you?  What about “old”?  You can vote at this website, and learn all kinds of cool stuff about color!


Update on a Budget February 23, 2009

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Who says redecorating has to cost a fortune?  This spring, invest in your home -without breaking the bank!

We all need a breath of fresh air in the spring.  After hibernating for the past 3 months, we tend to tire of our surroundings and yearn for something NEW!  Here are a few ideas to get you started on your spring-time spruce-up:

First, never underestimate the power of paint!  A bucket of paint and a weekend worth of time, and viola! you have a whole new look!  Not only can you paint your walls, but you can also look at your furniture in a new way.  Anything wood or metal can be painted; just ask your friendly local paint store manager for a recommendation on the correct type of primer, paint and method.

Next, use what you have!  Often, the stuff we have in our homes is great – we’re just sick of looking at it.  However, if you edit your accessories, rearrange your furniture, move things from room to room, you will find that your spaces will have a fresh look without spending a dime!  Try it – it’s amazing!

As we move ever-so-slowly toward spring, our thoughts inevitably turn to green grass, gardening and budding trees.  Bring that springtime feel into your home!  Give a houseplant a new home to add a splash of green life to your space.  Or, buy a bouquet of freshcut flowers and place them in a place you will see them often.  Not only will they add a breath of life to your home, they will life your spirits, as well.  Add bonus:  living green plants with take the toxins out of the air in your home; they are “green” in more ways than one!

So enjoy those spring decorating urges, and take advantage of ideas that won’t drain your bank account.  And, if all else fails, hire an interior designer to help you freshen your spaces for spring!  The investment of a few hours of design time can save you hours of time and the money of redoing a project gone wrong.  And, for a little more investment, House Calls can manage your project for you by hiring a painter or other contractor to get the project done quickly and professionally.  Happy spring!


Remodeling Industry Expected to Rise February 20, 2009

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As one could expect, more people are staying put during this economy, instead of purchasing new homes.  However, the home improvement industry is banking on the fact that homeowners will still want to make improvements, so they can enjoy their homes even more.  Energy efficient upgrades, such as new windows, furnaces and cooling systems, are expected to be the most popular, since they will offer the most return on investment immediately.  However, I have also noticed that people are interested in upgrading kitchens and baths – they will add value to their homes over the long term, and will be enjoyed in the interim.  

Do-it-yourself projects will also be popular for those looking to save money.  Do-it-yourselfers can enjoy the benefits of using an interior designer to help them make decisions on color, materials and products, which will help them save even more money in the long run – no more repainting those walls when you don’t like the color!  And who wants to fight with reinstalling tile when you find it doesn’t work in your bathroom?

How about you?  What home improvements are you looking to tackle in the next 6 months?