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Did You Know… March 24, 2009

interior designers are available to help you on your do-it-yourself project?  We realize that not everyone needs full service interior design – where we coordinate the installation, product ordering and project management for you.  Perhaps you just need a little help in knowing where to start.  What paint colors should you choose?  What about furniture arrangement?  What about designing that new tile backsplash for your kitchen?  Give us a call!  A few hours of design time can save you lots of money and time in the end; having to repaint the entire basement because you hate the color is not going to make your husband a happy man.  We can save you that aggravation; we can provide a simple consultation, or we can also provide product and/or installation services.  Whatever portion of your project you need help with, we are happy to be there for you.  We hope to hear from you soon!


Free Consultations Offered

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House Calls is happy to announce the addition of FREE Saturday design consultations!  Our interior design intern, Lisa, will be offering free 20-minute in-studio design consultations on Saturdays until May 9.  These consultations are by appointment only, so please contact us to set up a time for your personal consultation.

During your appointment, you can cover numerous topics – paint colors, furniture arrangement, window treatment ideas – anything!  Bring your photos, room dimensions, layouts and inspiration ideas to your appointment. 

These sessions are a great jumping-off point; after your consultation, we are happy to schedule a full consultation at our standard hourly fee.  Your full consultation would take place at your home, where we can better assess your needs and existing conditions. 

Get a little taste of what House Calls can do for you!  Call or email today for your date and time.


Update on a Budget February 23, 2009

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Who says redecorating has to cost a fortune?  This spring, invest in your home -without breaking the bank!

We all need a breath of fresh air in the spring.  After hibernating for the past 3 months, we tend to tire of our surroundings and yearn for something NEW!  Here are a few ideas to get you started on your spring-time spruce-up:

First, never underestimate the power of paint!  A bucket of paint and a weekend worth of time, and viola! you have a whole new look!  Not only can you paint your walls, but you can also look at your furniture in a new way.  Anything wood or metal can be painted; just ask your friendly local paint store manager for a recommendation on the correct type of primer, paint and method.

Next, use what you have!  Often, the stuff we have in our homes is great – we’re just sick of looking at it.  However, if you edit your accessories, rearrange your furniture, move things from room to room, you will find that your spaces will have a fresh look without spending a dime!  Try it – it’s amazing!

As we move ever-so-slowly toward spring, our thoughts inevitably turn to green grass, gardening and budding trees.  Bring that springtime feel into your home!  Give a houseplant a new home to add a splash of green life to your space.  Or, buy a bouquet of freshcut flowers and place them in a place you will see them often.  Not only will they add a breath of life to your home, they will life your spirits, as well.  Add bonus:  living green plants with take the toxins out of the air in your home; they are “green” in more ways than one!

So enjoy those spring decorating urges, and take advantage of ideas that won’t drain your bank account.  And, if all else fails, hire an interior designer to help you freshen your spaces for spring!  The investment of a few hours of design time can save you hours of time and the money of redoing a project gone wrong.  And, for a little more investment, House Calls can manage your project for you by hiring a painter or other contractor to get the project done quickly and professionally.  Happy spring!


Picking the Perfect Paint February 18, 2009

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It’s that perennial problem.  Quite frankly, it’s what keeps us designers in business!  How do you go about selecting just the perfect paint color?  Should you paint your dining room Spicy Hue or Fireweed?  Would your little princess prefer Zany Pink or Insightful Rose in her room?  There are literally thousands of fantastic colors out there – but which one is perfect for you?

First, make sure you look at the big picture.  You have other things in your room that will not be changing, most likely, just because you are painting your walls.  You simply cannot ignore the sofa you have upholstered in plum velvet, or that black walnut wood flooring you installed last year.  Remember, too, to look at the colors in neighboring spaces.  You need to have a bit of continuity throughout your home; this does not mean that every room needs to be the same color.  It does mean that you should coordinate your colors for a cohesive effect.

Next, select a color family you would like to explore.  Are you thinking that a red would add a nice accent to your room?  Would a shade of blue soothe you to sleep at night in your master suite?

Now, narrow those choices further, while looking at your entire space.  Does a light shade make your woodwork disappear?  Does that dark shade seem to create a cave-like effect?  Does your carpet look dingy when you put that shade of gray next to it?  And don’t forget to take your furniture, window treatments and artwork into consideration – if they are staying in the room!

I always recommend that my clients purchase a sample of the color they would like to use, and paint a patch of it on their wall near the wood trim.  Spend a few days with your new color and look at it during the night and evening, in the sunshine and on cloudy days.  This small investment of time and money will save you hours of work – or hundreds of dollars in having it repainted later!

You also want to keep in mind the finish of your paint – that is, flat, eggshell, semi-gloss, gloss.  Flat paint can be touched-up fairly easily, but CANNOT be washed.  The exception to this rule is the new washable matte paints, like Sherwin Williams’ Duration Home.  I painted this in my son’s bedroom, and have been very happy with the results – I’ve washed highlighter and marker off the walls with little difficulty!  Eggshell paint is slightly glossier, but washes up much better than a standard flat paint.  However, touching up an eggshell paint is nearly impossible.  You will get “flashing”, where you can see the touched-up areas in certain light and from certain angles.  Keep in mind, also, that the glossier your paint, the more you will see every flaw in your wall.  I don’t recommend either semi-gloss or gloss for wall use – they are best used on wood trim, furniture and for accents.

If all else fails, call me!  Most of the population has a very difficult time selecting paint colors – if they were skilled in that area, they would probably be working in the design field!  Use the expertise of a designer to save yourself time and money when you want to freshen the paint in your home.


What is your biggest design dilemma? February 13, 2009

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Take our poll to let us know what your current headaches are!