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Building or Remodeling? March 31, 2009

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Are you considering a remodeling project?  Or, maybe building a new home?  Now is a great time to take on a project like these, since interest rates are low, and contractors are looking for work!  How do you go about selecting a builder to work with?

The most important thing is to find a contractor or builder that you feel comfortable with.  You need to have a level of trust with this person, as you will be seeing them a LOT!  Research their process, and how you will be charged.  For example, does the builder have an interior designer on staff to help you with selections?  Do they charge you to design the home or addition?  Will they work with plans designed by an architect?  By meeting with several builders, you will find answers to your questions, and will see who you are comfortable working with. 

Visit for one great remodeling or building contractor in the St. Croix River Valley area.  As an added bonus, you get ME!  I work with all of Landsted’s building and remodeling clients, to make sure all the interior and exterior selections come together. 

I also work with other builders; don’t hesitate to contact me for design consultations on your new home or remodeling project.  I’m happy to help you get the look you desire – the first time!


Did You Know… March 24, 2009

interior designers are available to help you on your do-it-yourself project?  We realize that not everyone needs full service interior design – where we coordinate the installation, product ordering and project management for you.  Perhaps you just need a little help in knowing where to start.  What paint colors should you choose?  What about furniture arrangement?  What about designing that new tile backsplash for your kitchen?  Give us a call!  A few hours of design time can save you lots of money and time in the end; having to repaint the entire basement because you hate the color is not going to make your husband a happy man.  We can save you that aggravation; we can provide a simple consultation, or we can also provide product and/or installation services.  Whatever portion of your project you need help with, we are happy to be there for you.  We hope to hear from you soon!


Wonderful Words March 6, 2009

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I love words!  I love the sounds they make.  I love their forms.  I love their graphic quality.  And, I love the thoughts they convey.  My very favorite way to incorporate words into a space is the put them on walls!  My clients and I have used a great word company on several projects, including the one shown in the photo below.  These vinyl words stick firmly to the wall, and remove easily when you want to change the decor in your room.  And, the website makes designing your graffiti so simple!  Check them out at  I have also put their words on a backer board, framed it, and hung it like a piece of art.  The possibilities are endless!  Go graffiti your walls!



Update on a Budget February 23, 2009

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Who says redecorating has to cost a fortune?  This spring, invest in your home -without breaking the bank!

We all need a breath of fresh air in the spring.  After hibernating for the past 3 months, we tend to tire of our surroundings and yearn for something NEW!  Here are a few ideas to get you started on your spring-time spruce-up:

First, never underestimate the power of paint!  A bucket of paint and a weekend worth of time, and viola! you have a whole new look!  Not only can you paint your walls, but you can also look at your furniture in a new way.  Anything wood or metal can be painted; just ask your friendly local paint store manager for a recommendation on the correct type of primer, paint and method.

Next, use what you have!  Often, the stuff we have in our homes is great – we’re just sick of looking at it.  However, if you edit your accessories, rearrange your furniture, move things from room to room, you will find that your spaces will have a fresh look without spending a dime!  Try it – it’s amazing!

As we move ever-so-slowly toward spring, our thoughts inevitably turn to green grass, gardening and budding trees.  Bring that springtime feel into your home!  Give a houseplant a new home to add a splash of green life to your space.  Or, buy a bouquet of freshcut flowers and place them in a place you will see them often.  Not only will they add a breath of life to your home, they will life your spirits, as well.  Add bonus:  living green plants with take the toxins out of the air in your home; they are “green” in more ways than one!

So enjoy those spring decorating urges, and take advantage of ideas that won’t drain your bank account.  And, if all else fails, hire an interior designer to help you freshen your spaces for spring!  The investment of a few hours of design time can save you hours of time and the money of redoing a project gone wrong.  And, for a little more investment, House Calls can manage your project for you by hiring a painter or other contractor to get the project done quickly and professionally.  Happy spring!


Making the Old New Again February 17, 2009

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What do you do with that old toilet you removed during your master bathroom renovation?  Although you could plant flowers in it and place it in your front yard, I have a better solution for you – RECYCLE IT!  Instead of creating a new lawn ornament for your neighbors to enjoy, schedule a drop-off at The Reuse Center in either Maplewood or Minneapolis.  Your old stuff could work great in someone else’s home!

And, the next time you need a cabinet to finish off your laundry room, or a door to match the rest of them in your home, check The Reuse Center to see if they have something that would work for your project.  It’s like a treasure hunt – you never know what you might find.  Use your creativity, and those old treasures could become tomorrow’s heirlooms.  Check it out at


Kitchen Remodel February 13, 2009

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Check out our latest kitchen remodel project – what a dramatic change!

The new kitchen - twice as large, and almost complete!
The new kitchen – twice as large, and almost complete!

This is our "Before" pic of the kitchen.


Hello world! February 10, 2009

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Welcome to our blog!  In order to keep our past, present and future clients up-to-date on what is going on at House Calls Fine Interiors, we have decided to start our very own blog.  While you should probably not visit us when you are at your desk pretending to work, we hope that you find our posts so very interesting that you cannot stay away.  Check back regularly for updates on new products, discounts, events, our latest interior design and remodeling projects and more!